Error: “no valid ‘aps-environment’ entitlement string found for application”
June 23rd, 2009 by Anish Kumar

I got this error while building an iPhone application that is going to use APNS. I am still trying to figure out what is causing this problem. A more detailed error message is here:-

"Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=3000 UserInfo=0x113e80 "no valid 'aps-environment' entitlement string found for application"

APNS Error

APNS Error

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  • humbroll writes:
    June 29th, 20093:25 PMat

    check Code Signing Identity in Application Info 😉

  • Anish Kumar writes:
    June 29th, 20093:35 PMat

    yes you are right humbroll..there was an issue with my provision file and that was causing this problem. Now it seemed to have been fixed and i am getting the device token ….thanks for dropping by…

  • Ben writes:
    August 6th, 20097:45 AMat

    I’m still having trouble with the aps-environment issue. How did you fix it? What exactly was wrong with your provisioning file?

  • katharina writes:
    October 7th, 20092:15 PMat

    hi there,

    i am facing the same problem. when i try to run my app i will get the error:
    Error: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=3000

    i think i followed the instruction to generate all keys and certificates but it simply doesn’t work.
    can one of you tell me how to check the “Code signing Identity in Application Info”?
    and anish, what did you do with your provisioning profile to fix your problem?

    i really hope someone can help me!

    • gaurav writes:
      May 18th, 20129:17 AMat

      go to build settings of your application , you will find there code signaling identity.

  • Jose writes:
    November 6th, 20094:52 PMat

    Hi everybody!!

    I’m having the same problem but I’ve got a question, which provisioning profile are you selecting in your code signing identity? I’m selecting the provisioning that created previously with the developer program portal for the APN service, and named “Apple Development Push Service: *******”, but not working. Is that correct?

    I’m quite interested in having the solution, can you help me, please??


  • Lakshmikanth Reddy writes:
    November 21st, 20091:31 PMat

    I got the solution, when you have configured your AppID for Push notification, then recreate a new provisioning file with this AppID and install it on the Xcode Organiser, this has worked for me .

    • Johnston writes:
      February 24th, 20103:29 PMat

      This worked for me. I was using a provisioning profile that was created before the appID was configured for push notification. By generating the exact same provisioning profile at a later date did the trick.

  • Damien writes:
    November 27th, 200911:31 AMat

    Just create an entitlement file:

    File > New File
    In iPhone OS > Code Signing > Entitlements
    Choose a name (ex: entitlements.plist)

    And add a value aps-environment which should be a string.
    I’ve put the value “authorized” but I’m not sure if that’s is required… but it works!

  • Walt Sellers writes:
    January 26th, 20107:11 AMat

    I just went through the same thing. I found a blog entry with many suggestions here (

    The “Code Signing Entitlements” build setting had gone blank somehow. I had an entitlements file, but XCode couldn’t find it. Since I keep it in a “Resources” folder, I entered “Resources/DevEntitlements.plist”. Then it all worked.

    My entitlement file only had a get-task-allow entry in it. But I guess that was enough for it to get the rest copied in.

  • Christophe Tauziet writes:
    September 29th, 20106:40 PMat

    I had the same problem. And after hours of research, and a lot of things tried, I found the solution here :

    Look a the last comment by omkar. This worked fine for me.

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